I did it…

I quit!

I said I would, and I did!

Now what?

Money must be made, whether I like it or not… so, here’s the plan…

Hard Work and, um, and some other stuff I think… seriously though, the main source of income at the moment is my architectural work, which is OK, but not nearly as cool as erotica, I assure you…

Waltham, MA

it does provide income and unique shoot locations for future model shoots. I have shot everything from architecture to events and local landscape for one real estate development firm here in Boston.

Worcester, MA

It is not enough, however, and so Bebe Dollface and I started Focal Impulse Studio together with moderate results so far.

Bebe Dollface

We have been shooting boudoir and pin-up sets for clients such as Sarah here…

Focal Impulse

we are hoping to work with some professional models and MUAs for our art concepts and hopefully end up shooting an editorial someday…. we just need someone to notice! and that is my new day job, to make sure that happens!

I am a Photoshop wizard as well and I am hoping to generate income by doing beauty retouches, masks, or any other Photoshop need… Craigslist here I come!! and Model Mayhem which just started a Photoshop account!!

This can be done! There is both talent, drive and a plethora of life experience to make this a success!!

positive energy, keep it coming, I need it.

My blogs will be a bit more focused in the future, for now, however, I just wanted to provide a bit of context. I plan on blogging my adventures through freelance Photography…

the next adventure is Pink…




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