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Fetish workshop

I attended a fetish workshop hosted by renown erotic photographer, Scott Lanes back in January. The models are, the beautiful Shiva Kitty and Laura Unbound and the rigger is Topologist.



The lighting was a basic ‘arrow through’ set up with a diffusion filtered backlight set up, camera left, as the key light  and a large softbox in the foreground, camera right,  as the fill. there is also a reflector  in the camera left foreground and a handheld reflector for added fills.

Laura Unbound is in control

In Control

This particular series of images is my first attempt at advanced dodging and burning techniques. these techniques are often used in fine art B/W, fashion, editorial and other beauty photography styles. In short, it involves brightening the highlights and darkening the shadows and smoothing their transitions using grayscale. Basically I create two layers in soft light blending mode, one is labeled ‘dodge’ and is only painted on with a white brush at around 10% opacity with a 25% flow. The second layer is labeled ‘burn’ and is only painted on with a black brush at the same settings. ‘Dodge’ is used to make the highlights brighter and ‘Burn’ is used to make the shadows darker. But be careful! a little can go a long way, so use a low opacity and build up…



I am a big fan of art erotica, especially fetish art. It is unique in what it offers the world of art nude and erotica for it is sexual in nature, but without depending on any overt use of sex or nudity:

fet·ish also fet·ich: –noun

Something, such as a material object or a nonsexual part of the body, that arouses sexual desire and may become necessary for sexual gratification.


…oh, the implications!


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