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A little backstory

This is my first Blog Post. I suppose I should write something witty or anecdotal, but instead I will lay out my intentions here on Artof DMarkus… I am a Artistic and professional Photographer in the Boston area and I struggle to balance my inner art critic with my client’s needs, as well as sustaining my muse in the face of necessity. I enjoy the balance and am lucky enough to be on this path, especially considering I am not doing this alone! Angela is my soul mate, my one true Love, my best friend, business partner and inspiration, oh, and let us not forget motivator, not an unimportant role when dealing with the likes of me… Anyway, I truly appreciate her in my life and take good care of her heart and soul, without her I would be a lonely and brooding Artist once again; no thanks… This blog is to articulate our journey!

So, at this point, I have taken a few Architectural shots for Angie’s employer, Berkley Investments. They renovated the Waltham Watch Factory, an old, historical factory on the Charles River in Waltham, MA. I also shot the ribbon cutting event for the first phase of construction. This is a very boring I am sure, but pertinent for context… There is also a back story here that I will cover in a future blog as it deserves its spotlight! My next shoot is this upcoming weekend, and I will be shooting the surrounding Waltham attractions for the marketing of the residential units.

I have also shot some for another project of theirs in Worcester; photos for both will be up tomorrow. So, So far, Berkely Investments is all I’ve got for paid shooting, but I am gaining experience here.

I also am a proficient Photoshop guy, and I peddle my wares to fellow photographers that lack this particular skill. I have only been “paid” for a couple of masks so far and technically paid for only one; I am still awaiting payment for the other. He is my neighbor and only a week past when he said he would pay me, but still only a week past the date of receipt, so I can let him live for now, but I am not a fan of being disregarded, and this is the second time he has just stopped communicating with me after I delivered the images; it’s frustrating is all. Next time I will not be extending the friendly neighborly rate, it’s fair to say. Also, he shot these fully knowing that they were to be removed from the background in Photoshop and still shot the white machines on a white seamless (complete with many seams) and with no fill light, so the bottom of the units, which are black, are awash with the shadows cast by the models in the shots. In other words, he put in no forethought whatsoever. It took me 2 hours to mask the photos that should have taken me less than an hour. And my discount has made this so not worth my while… There are 8 more shots, but I’m not touching anything until I receive the money I was promised, but only because it was promised and then I have not heard from him since. Unprofessional is no way to be a professional…

Now that we are all up to speed for the most part, I will fill in the gaps with only the good stories, and keep the struggle up to date.

I am happy to have you along; I will get better at this I promise!




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