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Things are about to change

I put in my two-week notice of resignation on Monday. It’s just time, and if I don’t do it now, when will I? I am a photographer, you see, an Artist, and I don’t respond well to authoritarian rule! So I’m going to do this photographer thing full-time.
I have multiple sources of income right now through the Photoshop work to the corporate events, architectural shots, and a wedding here and there. But what is really making this quitting thing necessary is the work I am shooting for Focal Impulse studio! We started shooting boudoir sessions for everyday women and it’s been an undeniable hit!! $350 for a 4 hour boudoir shoot, 3 outfits, with 5 fully Glam-shopped images! If you look at what this usually costs this private session is a Great deal!! And by the number of clients we have now, many people agree!

Good times, exciting times!

Ps… Exciting is a clever euphemism for stressed the fuck out!! This is good for my soul, however, as I can now create my art!


D. Markus Witt


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